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Resistors At Home DIY Electronics

What Does A Resistor Do?

Resistor collection examples Resistors are the most basic building block of any electronic circuit. Luckily they are not difficult to understand and work with once you understand a few simple things. Resistance is measured in Ohms using the greek symbol called Omega Ω More...

Power Dissipated By Resistor: How To Blow Up A Circuit

A resistor burning with smoke

When you pass a current through a resistor it gets hot. The hotter it gets the more it can adversely affect the circuit that it's a part of. If it gets too hot then it can burst into flames before eventually failing completely. If this happens then it can have catastrophic consequences so it's a good idea to understand why components get hot and design circuits that don't overload the components used. I set about to destroy a resistor and demonstrate what happens when you dissipate too much power in a component. And I wanted to blow something up. More...

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