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Arduino Uno At Home DIY Electronics

Arduino Uno Projects And Software

Getting started with Arduino The Arduino Uno is an inexpensive computer on a board. It has everything that you need to make a smart controller similar to the ones that you might find in any electronic product available nowadays.

If you are looking for a cheap way to start learning how to design embedded microconroller circuits or you need a programmable controller for a project then this could be your simplest and most cost effective solution. Anyone can use one of these More...

Arduino Tachometer

Rotating fan illuminated by strobe

How to build a simple but useful strobe based tachometer using an Arduino Uno, an LCD/Keypad shield and a few transistors, LED's and resistors. Short pulses are generated with a simple Arduino sketch and used to drive a bank of LED's. This produces short regular pulses of light which when synchronized with the speed of a fan or motor or other rotating object, makes the moving object appear to be standing still. When this happens the light pulse rate is equal to the RPM of the object. More...

Arduino Motion Detector

HC-SR04 ultrasonic motion detector

Building on the Arduino Distance Sensor project you can now add motion detection to the features of the device. It detects when objects appear in front of the sensor and because it's ultrasonic it will work in the daylight just as well as it does at night. This can be an advantage over passive infra-red detectors. More...

Arduino Distance Sensor Part 2

HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor

Following on from the Arduino Distance Sensor project here is an updated version of the software sketch. Two new display modes have been added and the 'Select' key on the LCD keypad is used to swich between display modes. Full explanation of the software is provided. More...

Arduino Distance Sensor

HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor

Sensing the proximity of objects can be achieved effectively using ultrasonic echo techniques. Transmitting pulses of ultrasonic sound and measuring the time it takes the echo to return does present us with some interesting challenges however.

The sound can bounce off more than one object at different distances or the pulse is scattered. Sometimes the receiver doesn't even hear the echo. Luckily these problems can be overcome and a useful instrument built using an HC-SR04 ultrasonic transceiver and a little clever software running on an Arduino. More...

Arduino Programming the HC-SR04 with Interrupts

HC-SR04 ultrasonic range finder module front view Have you ever wondered how they make the parking sensors that you seem to find on all new cars? You know, the ones that start beeping when you are getting close to an object you should be avoiding. The beeping gets faster and faster as you get closer until the beeps all merge into one and... too late you've hit it! More...

Arduino Timer Interrupt Example

Reentrant interrupt timing diagram Don't be afraid to use interrupts in your Arduino sketches. Interrupts enable you to do so much more with your Arduino that it's well worth taking the trouble to learn a few simple rules. Almost every project you work with, whether it's a user interface, a clock or you are controlling a robot, your sketches are likely to benefit from some use of the interrupt mechanism. More...

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