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DIY Electronics Tools

Dremel Multitool - How To Use

Dremel Multitool with cutter Since I got a Dremel not too long ago I've found so many uses for it that I wonder how I ever managed without it. Most of my work is software but recently I've been asked to build quite a few prototypes for people. They may be based on an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi but every project needs a box or enclosure to keep the electronics tidy and safe. The Dremel is ideal for cutting circuit boards or making irregular holes in enclosures. Let me show you some of the things I've been using it for. More...

Electronics Tool Kit Essentials

Essential tool kit I love tools. I like to feel that I always have the right one for the job and I treasure the set that I've built up over the years. But starting out in electronics does not have to be expensive. You can start with just a few inexpensive tools and build up from there. The essential tools that I believe that you must have are a pair of wire cutters and a small screwdriver. A pair of long nose pliers will come in very handy also. These tools can be bought very cheaply. More...

Magnifying Desk Lamp Best Tool To Buy

Magnifying lamp - My favorite electronics accessory tool I've used a magnifying desk lamp at home for more than 30 years and I've found it to be an invaluable tool for all kinds of things including building electronics projects. I want to upgrade my lamp to one with a better magnifier and a brighter, cooler LED lamp. More...

Solderless Breadboards For Building Electronic Circuits

Solderless breadboard grid The world of diy hobby electronics has come a long way since the days of building circuits with a soldering iron, a handful of nails and a block of scrap wood. Now you have the luxury of using clean and tidy solderless breadboards that make circuit building fast and easy to complete. They avoid you ending up with the 3D "rats nest" of wires and components that so many of my builds would finish up as. More...

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