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Electronic Engineering At Home DIY Electronics

Getting Started With Electronics Review

Book cover If you are a complete beginner to electronics then this is the book for you. It takes you right from the time that you had your first curious thought about how things work right through to building your own circuits on breadboards. There's no time wasted getting there either. It's a no nonsense, straightforward guide to getting started with your hobby without taxing you to understand loads of theory. More...

Introduction To Basic Electronics Course Review

No holds barred product review Introduction To Basic Electronics An honest review of this downloadable course in Basic Electronics. I have gone through all of the material in this product to highlight both the bad and the good points. Overall it is a good beginners introduction to the how and why of electronics. Find out how this information can help you get the most from your electronic project building More...

About Electronics and How I Became An Engineer

I thought that I would kick off this new web site with a brief history of my career right from the basic electronics engineering construction kit that I was given one Christmas 50 years ago. When I look back at those beginnings I find that a lot has changed but on the other hand, so much is still the same.

The world has seen amazing inventions in this half century. From the humble LED to personal supercomputers. The world has changed but basic electronics remains the same. A resistor is still a resistor and a transistor is still a transistor even though we now have much smaller, more efficient, more powerful and certainly cleaner components.

Let me take you on a trip down memory lane and show you how it all began for me. My story

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