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Simple Electronic Projects At Home DIY Electronics

How To Make A Free Sound Card PC Oscilloscope

PC based oscilloscope signal traces A good oscilloscope can cost you a lot of money but you can build this PC based oscilloscope for less than a decent cup of coffee. Yes it has limitations but if you have no way of observing the signals in your electronics projects and you can't afford to buy a full featured oscilloscope then this little project could be the answer to your prayers. Not only does it give you a dual channel oscilloscope but it will also do a Fast Fourier Transform analysis of your signals too. More...

Darlington Transistor Touch Switch Simple Science Project

Components of Darlington transistor touch switch on breadboard

Here is a simple two transistor darlington transistor touch switch that you can build easily on a solderless breadboard. This build follows on from the single transistor touch switch project to significantly increase the sensitivity of the touch sensor. More...

How To Build An Astable Multivibrator Circuit Without Solder

One of the first electronic circuits I ever built was an astable multivibrator. It's a very simple yet reliable method of flashing a couple of LED's that you can build on a solderless breadboard in no time. Follow these simple instructions and experience the thrill of creating an electronic device and watching it do it's job. More...

Science Projects For Kids First Electric Circuit

Simple science project Light mouth scarecrow

How to do a simple science project with your kids. I was clearing out the loft the other day when I came across an experiment in electricity that I did with my daughter when she was nine years old.

It's a very simple electric circuit but we managed to combine the fun of learning about electricity with the fun of making a work of art. I can't believe that we kept it all these years but I thought that you might like to see it before it gets thrown out.

It's very simple to make so you can easily try it out on your kids too. More...

Transistor Touch Switch Simple Science Project

Components of single transistor touch switch on breadboard

Here is a simple one transistor touch switch that you can build easily on a solderless breadboard. Learn how to build a circuit that turns on an LED lamp simply by placing your finger across two wires.

This project illustrates how you can use a transistor as a solid state switch. No moving parts. Exept for your finger of course. More...

Sound Card Oscilloscope Software

Sound card oscilloscope display I was so impressed by the potential of the Sound Card PC Oscilloscope probe described in an earlier article that I decided to look for alternative software packages that could be used with it. I found one that appears to deliver better results which I am posting here. More...

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